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Posted on 2006.08.28 at 22:26
WTF is there to say about school?! I love ODU, but I miss my friends, my family & most of all, Chad. It's harder then I thought, I mean I knew I would miss everyone, but I didn't know it would be THIS hard. I make friends easily & I've made alot of new ones, but I just miss the 703 crew! :( you guys gotta come down & visit me! You guys would ADORE my roomate, Aubrey. She is the coolest most down to earth chick I've ever met. She's so easy to talk to & she can relate to almost everything! I thank god for having an amazing roomate, it was the only thing I was really worried about. Stephen goes here too, so I've been hanging with him alot, which is amazing, he's always been such a good friend to me & he's made the whole transition really easy. well, I guess thats it for now, ya'll better call and text me like crazy!



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