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it's funny how a man only thinks about the BEEP

Posted on 2006.03.05 at 21:10
I am NEVER on the internet. I just don't really have time. Between working at H&M and ralph lauren & then teaching two dance classes, I just rarely have time to do anything for me.

Chad's been getting pretty mad that I can't give him all my time and attention.

I'm pretty nervous about going to ODU in the fall. I mean, I know a ton of people going there but I'm going to miss my family & my dance squad and the whole thing, ya know?! college is such a scary thing for me to think about!

eh, idk what else to write about?



(Anonymous) at 2006-03-12 23:22 (UTC) (Link)
geeze babygirl, where have you been? i must've called your cell 1 thousand times & you're never online & whats up with updating your lj like once a month? i miss you bitch, i wanna talk to you, so when you have a chance, gimme a call! if you ever even see this.

i love you girlie,

Les. btw-my lj account is now DEAD!
Clayre Hart
clayrehart at 2006-03-30 22:29 (UTC) (Link)
dayumm girl, mine too! I'm never on this shit!

I'll call you tonight boo, love you
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