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The Passion..

..the heat

Clayre Hart
14 February
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I'm Clayre. I'm 17. I'm a varsity cheerleader at FPHS! GO BRUINS. I also play softball & volleyball. I like sex, stfu if you dont like that, i dont care. I just got out of a 4 year relationship with the most amazing boy ever.

i'm really open & i love to meet new people. i keep alot of my buisness to myself, but sometimes i break down. I dont have parents. I have 3 sisters & 1 brother, they're my life. I live with 2 of my sisters, my brother, & my best friend Lyssa. I'm really outgoing & nice. I dont own a digital camera & i probably never will. I hate almost every picture of myself.

I love anything chocolate
I love my friends more than sex.
I have a few close friends.
I wanna increase the peace
I like alcohol
& weed
♥cigarettes & margaritas
I dont like makeup & I rarely wear it
I love ladies nights<3
I could dance forever
I only cheer b/c the dance team @ my school sucks.
I have good fashion sence.
I'm a trend-setter.
I do what I please
I get straight A's
I'm computer challenged.